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Can myDVDEdit set the layer break point on a dual layer burn
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Joined: 08 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Sun 26 Oct 2008, 04:17 Reply with quote

Hello Jérôme,

I am (perhaps foolishly) about to enter the world of Dual-Layer DVD-Video burning. The main issue seems to be how to set the layer break point. While pro-level programs like DVD Studio Pro let you control this, consumer level programs like iDVD do not (they have some auto-algorithm that selects the break point).

Can I set the layer break point in myDVDEdit? (assume OTP mode).

Assume I encode a project to a VIDEO_TS file on my hard disk. If I choose a legal Cell (ie, one that is at least 50% into the program by number of sectors) and mark it "Seamless Playback: No." using myDVDEDit, is that sufficient?

Can I identify which Cells are legal for setting the break point using myDVDEdit? If so how?

If I use a program like Toast to then burn the DVD from the VIDEO_TS folder, will Toast respect that Cell marker and burn the layer change at the right point?

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Joined: 18 Jul 2005
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PostPosted: Sun 26 Oct 2008, 05:08 Reply with quote


Yes, and no.

the layer break point is not a option in the IFO file.
With professionnal programs, the DVD editor is often the DVD burning program too. In this case, the user can control the layer break point position... a little.

Many conditions must be respected:
1) The layer break point is always at the begin of a cell.
2) This cell have the STC discontinuity option on. (not a obligation, but better)
3) This cell have the Seamless playback option off. (sometime this condition is not respected, that's not normal)
4) Layer A must countains more data than layer B.

conditions 1, 2, 3 are automaticaly managed by the autoring program.
The user can set the layer break point position, but as condition 4 must be respected, the choice can be limited.

Now in our case. if you use Toast, yes, it looking for a cell with these conditions. I'm not sure but I think if it dont find it, it will create it, and that can be very difficulte (new cell with a new VobId, many tables to update).

With myDVDEdit, you can change the Seamless playback option of a cell, but as you cannot split a cell and easily know where is the middle of the DVD, this is not really easy.

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