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Cell edit options?
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PostPosted: Sat 18 Aug 2007, 00:09 Reply with quote

Hello- first of all thank you soo much for in incredible program- it has saved my project!

My question is: is it possible to edit the playback time of a Cell?
I have an animated cell that's 8 seconds long during which time my buttons are not active

then a 24 second infinite loop during which they are

no huge dilemma, but attention spans are shorter than ever!

if the time edit isn't possible- is it possible to add active buttons to that first cell?

thanks again!!

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PostPosted: Sun 19 Aug 2007, 15:23 Reply with quote


Only two solutions to change the playback time.
- Add a cell, because playback time is directly the number of pictures of your cell.
    ie: 51 pictures = 1s + 21 pictures = 1.7 s (30 pictures by second in NTSC)
- Change the cell Still Time. the player freeze with the last picture of the cell during all that time. No animation and no sound but buttons still available if you set the button end selection time to the good value.

You could add any button you want, but you cannot add (with myDVDEdit) the subpicture you need to make it visible. It would be invisible but working buttons.

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