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PostPosted: Sat 20 Dec 2008, 19:16 Reply with quote

There's a Title occurring before the Main Menu, which I could delete, but which I'd prefer to leave in with the option to skip to the Main Menu. There's nothing I can do with the PUOs which changes the fact that the Menu command (either at the computer keyboard or with DVDPlayer's controller) refuses to execute. This is a single-cell Pgc. (I've eliminate as possible error, the failure to understand that a box checked is a User Option prohibited, by disabling all (both Title and Pgc levels), and enabling all.)

Changes are saved before Testing, and I can undo everything, so I'm assuming it's a problem in playback and not myDVDEdit's incorporating the new settings.

BTW, thanks for this wonderful app!

•G4 PB 1.5GHz • OS 10.5.6 • Pioneer DVR-115 (Bytecc 340U2F)
•MacMini 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo • OS 10.5.8(& 10.4.11) •Pioneer DVR_118L (Syba)
•MTR2.6.6 thru 3.14m to MTR4 (both machines) • RipIt 1.2.4
•DVDRem 4.5.1 • DTox 2.3.0 • myDVDEdit
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PostPosted: Thu 25 Dec 2008, 10:30 Reply with quote

The forward button does not work at the last cell of a Pgc. Juste add a blank cell to the PGC and that should work as you want

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