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can't find the IFO button once inside myDVD Edit?
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Joined: 15 Jun 2008
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PostPosted: Sun 15 Jun 2008, 13:27 Reply with quote

Hey wow ... I hope this can solve some serious down time and angst I've been having with IDVD and getting it to burn in 16:9

So here's my drama... I shoot in 16:9...Edit in 16:9 using Sony Vegas... I out put in 16:9 Pal DV Wide screen AVI ... dump it all in Imovie (Wide screen of course) add my chapter marks... Then out put thru IDVD 16:9 .... And when the render is complet e and all burned to DVD...I chuck it in a DVD player on a Wide screen Telly and guess what??? No wide screen... just tall images and black boxes left and right of screen Confused

So I've found your programe... just superb!!! However when I follow the instructions to access the IFO button I notice that I don't have the vertical IFO button... it's been replaced with a vertical VTS1 button.

Also aspect reads 16:9 but thepreveir windo still shows black boxes either side and tall or stretched vertically images just like the final DVD

Any help or advice would just be awesome...thanks in advance... I'm getting a cofee...want one?
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PostPosted: Wed 18 Jun 2008, 09:44 Reply with quote

1) Yes the IFO button name have changed. Now, it is the name of the selected 'Domain'. VTS1 in your case.

2) To have a full wide screen picture, there is 3 conditions:
- To have a 16:9 screen.
- To set the aspect ratio to 16:9 (with letterbox, pan&scan option or not)
- To have a wide screen movie.

Just look witch condition is not respected.

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