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Which 16:9 should I choose?
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PostPosted: Tue 12 Dec 2006, 21:56 Reply with quote

I have a 16:9 movie that I recorded from the TV with a standalone DVD recorder onto a DVD-R and, like all such recordings, the end result is in 4:3. of course, when I watch the DVD back I can change the aspect ratio of the player, but I also want to watch the movie on a 4:3 TV, so I made a copy of it with Popcorn and changed the aspect ratio flag from 4:3 to "auto 16:9" using myDVDEdit and it plays perfectly on the 4:3 TV with black bars top and bottom and perfect geometry. Thank you!

I am curious though - if I had chosen "16:9 pan and scan" or some other 16:9 menu choice this application provides, would the 4:3 playback have zoomed in and "panned and scanned" the centre of the widescreen image to fill out the 4:3 screen, or would it still be dsplayed with black bars top and bottom?
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PostPosted: Fri 15 Dec 2006, 11:23 Reply with quote

Unless your DVD player is rather unconventional in its behavior, a DVD with its aspect ratio set to 16:9 Pan and Scan should have the image truncated on the right and left when the output is set for a 4:3 TV screen. It certainly shouldn't be Letterboxed!

You can see the effects of the different settings in myDVDEdit by setting the virtual TV screen at the top of the window to 4:3 and trying the different aspect ratio settings. (The button to toggle between a 16:9 screen and a 4:3 screen is above the screen at the left, next to the button that toggles between the virtual TV screen and a data display.)

BTW, the term "virtual TV screen" is the best I can come up with when I should be sleeping. There's probably a better term for it! Confused
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