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PostPosted: Sun 03 Sep 2006, 01:07 Reply with quote


I've created a music dvd with toast. I like this format because it takes all of my itunes cover art and displays them while the song is playing.


It is hard to access menu functions from my car head unit.
right now the >| button on my stereo forwards to the next song which is a cell in a PGC and the scan or > button does nothing. I would like to make the > button take me to the next PGC.

can anyone point me in the right direction?
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PostPosted: Sun 03 Sep 2006, 02:59 Reply with quote

Interesting question.

I have the answer but the solution is not really simple.
You have to create some invisible auto action buttons in each cell.

Dont panic, it's not so difficult that it can appear.

1. We have to enable the select/activate remote controle option
- Select the pgc
- Select the "prohibited User Options" tab.
- If the "Select/Activate" option is set, reset it (it's the last option).

2. Select the second cell. why the second, because, the first is a simplified case of the second one.
- Select the "Cells" tab
- Click on Cell 2

3. Create new button information
- Select the "Buttons" tab (the most top right tab of the window)
- "No button" should appear. Click "New".

4. Change the "Selection End" time
- Click the first small triangle in from of "Start", "Selection End", "End".
- Move the second slider (Selection End) to the extreme right. the last slider must follow it.
- Click the triangle to close the popup window.

5. Add 3 buttons
- Open the action popup button ( at the right of the button selector)
- Select three times the "Add Button" command.
- a yellow rectangle must appear on the screen, and the button selector must indicate 3/3

6. Button 1 configuration:
- select the button 1 with the selector (the small stepper). it must indicate 1/3.
- Under the Color Table option, you can see four buttons, one by direction. they indicate the button selected when the left, top right or bottom button is pressed on the remote control.
- Set the left button to 3
- Set the right button to 2

7. Button 2 configuration:
- Select the button 2 with the selector. It must indicate 2/3
- Set the "Auto Select" option. That means the command will be executed when this button will be selected.
- Change the command to "Link NextPrgm". Open the command editor by clicking on the triangle, Change the command type to "Link", than change the link type to "Link NextPrgm". Let the HighlitedButton option on "None"

8. Button 3 configuration:
- Same as button except the command is "Link PrevPrgm"

9. Init the Forced button.
- In the "Force" group box, set the Select. button to 1

10. Click OK.

You have to repeat the operations 2 to 10 with all the cells, except with cell 1 which have only buttons 1 and 2, and the last cell buttons 1 and 3 (which become button 2).

Save all.

So simple Smile

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Joined: 02 Sep 2006
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PostPosted: Sun 03 Sep 2006, 03:23 Reply with quote

Thank you very much for the detailed instructions. I will try to wrap my brain around it arfter I take a nap.
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