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Mac et Vidéo THE French site on video for Macintosh. It tells you the how and whys for producing, extracting your data and on copying your videos, DVDs, mini DVDs, Divx’s or VideoCDs. The Mac et Video team are also the source of MovieGate Freeware, and they helped myDVDEdit to become known by hosting the French version. News, Articles, Tutorials. HE site which gathers together all the available expertise on video (Mac and PC). All the tools, tutorials, comparisons on everything to do with video (DVD players, support...). Its forum is very active and has a section just for Mac. News, Articles, Tutorials, Forum. A very interesting site about everything relating to DVDs, but unfortunately almost exclusively for the PC. There’s lots of Freeware there, (some with its source code), which has been of great help to me in understanding the format of a DVD. Articles, Tutorials, Forum.
Mac-Vidéo Forum devoted to video on Macintosh, aimed at the home user. News, Articles, Forum.
Carpo Site about Mac and video news. Its forum gives a lot of space to home user videos. News, Articles, Forum.
depth-digital Forum devoted to video on Macintosh, aimed at Pros and semi-Pros. Forum.

DVD Format
MPUCoder The site without which myDVDEdit would never have existed. The entire DVD format is described here and its forum answers all the questions you could ask. Unfortunately it has now become a paying site. Articles, Forum.
DVD-Video Information This repeats a lot of the information found on MPUCoder about the structure of the DVD, although here it’s free, but without a forum. Articles. Lots of information on the format of the DVD. Offers a more detailed version in PDF Format, but you have to pay for it. Articles.

jiBee informatique If you need advice, assistance, or training on Mac or PC, contact Jibee informatique, they are true professionals.